It was time, after 30 successful years in both the corporate and creative worlds, to start the work of helping those who feel they are stuck in a kind of hell because they have stopped or never started their creative passions­ - the work of teaching what it takes to get to “The other side” of a painful life that is not fulfilling or on purpose with who you really are - the work to finally experience joy, happiness and a kickass, exciting life... because everyone deserves that. 

I am passionate about wanting you to know that you have the power to create what you want; and your past choices, mistakes and even the pain and struggle after abuse, do not define who you Your life and destiny are your choice....every day


 "The author courageously, with insight and inspiration, helps us understand the horrific act of childhood sexual abuse and the hold perpetrators have on their victims. She shows you how to heal and finally become the person you were meant to be, before the abuse began. Whether you’re a survivor or know one, The Other Side of Pain is a must-read!”
                      —Howard Asher, PsyD, Marriage and Family Therapist

Leave the Past Behind & Create a Joyful,
Passionate Life

What if you could heal and finally free yourself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse?

In the U.S. alone, 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. I spent many years denying the deep pain of my own childhood sexual abuse (CSA)—telling myself that I was handling the lingering pain and trauma just fine on my own—until the dark secret tumbled out one day during an argument with my 19 years of age.

It was a personal wake-up call that began the ultimate journey back to myself. Back to that little, innocent girl who used to pedal her bike around a “safe” middle-class neighborhood, wearing a tiny red blanket as my superhero(ine) cape. Before my father’s assaults, I had big dreams, believing as we all did in the beauty and potentiality of life.

Once the truth had finally surfaced, I knew I could never go back. I began to find new and empowering ways to heal and reclaim the powers I was born with.

 “I’m at a different place now, where, believe it or not, whenever I recall those horrible days, I now feel a sense of power and deep sense of purpose. I'm on a mission to ensure every person who has experienced the trauma of abuse, knows their power.  The power to choose their own life and stop having the pain of the past infiltrate and run their choices. To know in their bones that they are unique, powerful and worthy of love, happiness and success.”

 "Veronica Crystal Young shares her dramatic passage from childhood incest victim to empowered healer with plain-spoken, nonjudgmental, supportive language. She gently guides survivors through a series of steps that aid them on their own journey to heal their past trauma.
An easy, yet riveting, powerful read!"
                      —Jennifer MacNamara-Mahoney, MS, Marriage and Family Therapist

Every day, increasingly more CSA survivors are beginning to understand—they no longer have to hide in the shadows; cling to blame, guilt, and shame; see themselves as current victims, or hide their Light. There is far more to them than they were brainwashed to believe. Such trauma no longer gets to define them.

When abuse happens, figuring out who we are can be extremely difficult.  Love, respect, value and self-worth all become tangled up and distorted.  Life becomes about secrets,shame, and hiding. The abuse effects our confidence, choices, and happiness, as well as our sense of control & personal power.

"We can begin to question if we will ever be good enough for anything, or anyone.  When will we stop being afraid of speaking up, making friends, or being accepted... and will we ever feel that we deserve to be loved.... and BE HAPPY?"

Drawing from her own experiences, as well as true stories and insights from other CSA survivors, plus the latest findings and research, along with transformative healing methods and practices, Veronica shows her fellow survivors how to recognize when their past trauma is running the show—triggering negative thoughts and emotions and driving self-destructive choices and limiting beliefs.

This book is full of heart and guides the reader how to forge a path back to who they really are—before the abuse made them forget.

It’s time to get to the “other side of pain” and reclaim your power. 

“Veronica’s vulnerability in how she shares her experience is compelling. She’s candid, knowledgeable, and warm. A great read for those who struggle with moving beyond the mask they’re living behind!”
 —Dr. Debra A. Hill, MD, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

From the Author: 
I am so passionate about helping those that have experienced abuse reach the other side of Pain, the other side of guilt, depression and hopelessness.
I know it can be hard; I also know it is possible, and I know you can do it. I did.

You are worthy, You are unique. You are loved.  Know Your Power.